Solprufe – leading the way in light protection and thermal insulation

PW Greenhalgh Finishing Ltd is pleased to offer the Solprufe finish.

Solprufe is a highly regarded name within the home furnishing sector, and is well known as a UK produced curtain lining fabric with exceptional light fastness and thermal insulation properties.

Developed and manufactured exclusively in the UK, Solprufe has set the standard for modern curtain linings for over 50 years. It enables curtains to hold their shape, provide insulation and darken rooms effectively making Solprufe the number one choice for customers that seek to add grace and beauty to their home. It improves the look, drape and flow of curtains by adding weight. Solprufe linings bring out the best in every kind of curtain material, enhancing appearance and increasing resistance to fading from sunlight.


Solprufe uses its own patented pigment based dyeing system, achieving the best dye fastness to light fading and best washing standards. Solprufe is the only curtain lining with a dye fastness exceeding BS5867 Part 1 (a British Standard which defines the colour fastness to light and washing).


Made from natural cotton and 100% inspected during processing, means that Solprufe will withstand the effects of sunlight for more than twice as long as most other linings without fading. Solprufe benefits include: excellent colour fastness to light, schreiner finish to enhance lustre, improved insulation.

To purchase any of the Solprufe linings we manufacture, please visit our partners Edmund Bell